Oxidative Stress and Plant Proteomics Group


Sabine Lüthje
 Private Lecturer

  • Topics
  • Plasma membrane Redox Systems
  • Class III peroxidases
  • Oxidative stress
  • Class III peroxidases (secretory pathway)

    Our team was the first that identified membrane bound heme peroxidases in plant plasma membranes. Class III peroxidases are a multigene family with at least 143 isoenzymes in maize. It appears that these enzymes build a cellular network of ROS scavenging and producing enzymes (PeroxiNET) that has to be tightly regulated. We established protocols for cell fractionation and gel-based proteomics to investigate the regulation and function of peroxidases within this network in plant development and oxidative stress. Beside studies on the structure and localization of these proteins by in silico analysis and GFP-fusions, heterologous expression and gene silencing (RNAi) are used for functional analysis.

    In silico analysis
    Micro assay
    Micro assay

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